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Maytag MAH6700AWW bad tub bearing


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Dec 28, 2013
western New York
Model Number
I have a Maytag MAH6700AWW, which I believe was made in a Samsung facility and is similar to the MAH8700AWW. The tub bearing has failed. I am having trouble finding parts.

It appears that the manufacturer had people replace the rear outer tub, similar to how the traditional Neptune bearings were fixed. Except that the traditional washers quickly had after market kits for the bearings themselves.

I cannot find a bearing kit for this washer, and I cannot find the seal for these bearings. I do find some Samsung seals, but have not figured out how to cross reference them.

Owning a traditional Neptune I am no stranger to using a sledge hammer and other tools to pull the bearings from the tub.

Can anyone provide some direction on what bearings and seals, and perhaps a source? Thank you very much!

Unfortunately they don't sell the rear outer tub bearings separately, you have to get the complete rear outer tub assembly, and its already installed for you, but It's No Longer Available if your washer serial number starts with 15 or higher.

If your washer serial number starts with "10, 11, 12, 13 or 14" this is the outer tub assembly you will need: WP34001439 Assy-Semi Tub Back

Other than that, you'd need to remove the original bearings and seal and take them to a local bearings shop in your area to see if they can match them up.


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