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FIXED Maytag MAV6250AWW Greasing the Stabilizer Assembly (Rear Legs) Helps Cure A Walking/Shaking Washing Machine


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May 2, 2022
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Hi All, this is what recently happened to me and maybe it will help you out.

About a month ago I purchased an Atlantis MAV6520AWW washing machine and was immediately impressed with it. I've written about it in a couple of other threads.

Immediately after I replaced the Snubber Ring and the Suspension Springs the machine had to be moved and loaded into the back of a pickup truck and transported and unloaded about four times (see the other thread). I put it back in the laundry room after all that and ran a few loads that seemed to go well, when suddenly it began to walk and shake violently in Spin.

At first I thought that I'd installed the Snubber Ring wrong. Then I decided I'd try and level it. I spent a while on the Front Legs moving them up and down and couldn't get the bubble to move lol.

Finally I set the rear up on a wooden block to look at the Rear Legs. They were both up against the frame and I couldn't pull them down. I lifted the top up and used a broom handle to tap both legs down.
I placed a piece of tinfoil on the floor underneath the corners and sprayed them down with WD40 Silicone Lubricant along with the Stabilizer Bar that runs the length of the back and connects the two Legs.

Let that sit overnight and this morning I put axel grease on the part of the Legs that hung down below the frame and worked them up and down to hopefully spread it into the Stabilizer Bracket(s) some.

I carefully lowered the back down and went around front and managed to get it level front-to-back. It had always shown level side-to-side.

After that, I carefully lifted the rear up the necessary 4" (four inches) and gently lowered it. Checked level and everything was still level.

Checked a Spin Cycle and noticed a big difference. Ran a load of colored clothes and noticed that in Spin that it still walked some, which I attribute to the ceramic tile floor.

The big difference was that the violent shaking was gone and the Tub now stayed centered and in balance. I'll probably try antivibration pads to get rid of the little walking it now does.

I guess the moral of the story, if there is one, is if you're having these problems to check the Rear Legs (Maytag calls it the Stabilizer Assembly) and occasionally apply some grease or lubricant to it.

Hope this makes sense.