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FIXED Maytag MBR2256KES - Bottom freezing over


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Jun 18, 2016
Orange County, CA
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6-10 years

About three years ago, my bottom freezer started to frost over. After some research, I found a couple of things that might be wrong. I replaced the defrost thermostat, and defrost/evaporator heater. I plugged my fridge back in and after a week or so, the freezer started to freeze up again. I then replaced the jazz board, which fixed the problem.

Cut to today, I noticed my freezer is again freezing just like it did before. It is not along the bottom, so I do not believe that it is the drain. It is all on the back and along the front of the door, exactly like before. So, here is my question:

After replacing all these parts, is there one I should start with this time? Does anyone know of a history of the heaters being lame, or maybe the thermostat not lasting long? Does the jazz board need to be replaced again? Any advice would be great. I am frustrated that this is happening again.

I located the thread from 2016 I helped you on here:

Did you buy all the parts from AppliancePartsPros from those links I posted?

It would be very rare to see any of those parts fail within 3 years, unless you had a power surge or power spike.

I would ohm test the defrost thermostat(WHILE ITS FROSTY) and see if you get continuity. If so, that's good. Then ohm test the defrost heater and see if you get under 50 ohms, if so that's good. Then the only part left is the JAZZ BOARD.

Here's the JAZZ BOARD for your model:
Main Control Board WPW10503278

Hi Jake,

Thank you so much for your response. Actually, the only part I did not get from this place is the jazzboad. Can you tell me how to ohm test those? I have only seen how to test them after I take them out.

Lets ohm test the defrost thermostat first. When you click the link to your defrost thermostat below, you will see a video of how to access it, the Jenn-Air in that video should be identical to yours, as Whirlpool owns Jenn-Air, and Whirlpool owns Maytag.

You would then need to ohm your defrost thermostat(WHILE ITS FROSTY) with your multimeter to check for continuity. Normal ohm reading will be 0 ohms. Make sure your Refrigerator stays unplug before testing it.

The defrost thermostat snaps on the top of your evaporator coil. Also if you notice a big bulge on it, then that's definitely the problem.

Here's the defrost thermostat for your model you can order if needed:
WP67003426 Defrost Thermostat

You can also ohm test it in a glass of ice water if it's NOT FROSTY, and wait at least 5 minutes before ohm testing it. Watch this video: Defrost Thermostat Ohm Testing Video

Some defrost thermostats have quick disconnects that just unsnap from the wiring harness and some don't, if your model doesn't then you will need to cut the wires to it (Unplug your refrigerator first!), but don't cut to close to the defrost thermostat itself as you will need to reconnect it back in place with 2 wire nuts, I use the orange colored wire nuts.

Let us know what you find.

I tested both the thermometer and the heater and both checked out, so I ordered a new jazz board... again!

Does this board have any type of warranty or anything? Do you have any suggestions if this happens again... besides replacing my fridge? :)
365 day warranty from RepairClinic.

I've replaced many of these same boards for my local customers over the years and never had to go back and replace one twice.

Actually, the only part I did not get from this place is the jazzboad.
We always refer folks to RepairClinic and AppliancePartsPros, I get parts for my local customers there too.:)

Hi again!

So I replaced the jazzboard and programmed it. I turned it on and now my fridge is not cold at all. Its been about an hour and even the freezer isn't cold. Suggestions?

Side note. It is making a pretty loud click that I have not heard before. Presumably when the fan turns on? Also, the fan is blowing. I can feel the air from both the freezer and fridge, but it is not cold.
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Where did you get the Jazz board from?

Feel the top of your compressor to see if its running and warm. See if the click is coming from the compressor.

I bought the jazzboard from this site. I took the back off and listened to the compressor; it seems like it tries to turn on, it wobbles a bit (almost like a fan is trying to start), then it makes the loud click and stops. It repeats this process about every minute or so.

I did some research and took the start relay off. When I shake it, it does rattle. Could that be it?
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Yes, then it's your start relay device. You can verify that by ohm testing it, normal would be 3-12 ohms when you put your meter probes in the 2 parallel holes on it. Remember to unplug the refrigerator first before ohm testing.

Here's the compressor start relay device for your model:
W10613606 Compressor Start Device

Alright! New board and a new start device, and the refrigerator is up and running again! Thank you again for all your help. I know WAY too much about fridges now... LOL!
Excellent, glad to hear the new JAZZ board and new compressor start device fixed it.:)

Thanks for the update!

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