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Maytag MCT Top Load Washer MVWX655DW gear shaft fused to plastic?


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Apr 25, 2023
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1-5 years
The agitator stopped working about a month ago on our 4.5 year old washer. When the Maytag authorized technician came out he said he couldn't see what the problem was because he could not get the bolt out of the agitator plate. Long story short, we soaked it in clr and he came back. Got the bolt out but couldn't remove the agitator plate. Said it was fused on. He said we could try CLR again, but might have to break the agitator plate off. So we soaked it in clr again and still the plate could not come up. He had told us it should just lift off which it definitely was not doing.

So we broke the agitator plate off, adding $160 dollars to the repair bill.

When he came back, he couldn't get the gear out and said he had reached the end of what he could do. We'd have to call Whirlpool. At this point we could see that it also looks like the plastic is fused on to the gear shaft, if that is even possible??? (see photo)

So today my husband, patient fellow that he is, finally got through to someone and they said too bad so sad, nothing we can do.

I wish I could find it harder to believe that a 4.5 year old washer would just be done but alas.... they don't make em like they used to ;-)

Anyone have any advice? Is this repairable? And any idea what could cause this? Has anyone seen this before?

Thank you!


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Looks like when the tech. broke the agitator off, the agitator spline broke off too and that's still attached to your transmission shaft.

Here's the hub for your model:
W10528947 Hub

Here's the video and you can see that clearly, you should see the metal transmission shaft, and in your photo I don't, so that would be the agitator spline still on the transmission shaft, that's why the hub won't come off.


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