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Maytag MEDB765FW0 "check lint screen"

Tony R

Premium Member
Jan 29, 2011
B'more Md
Model Number
1-5 years
This dryers "check lint screen" light remains on after cleaning the lint screen, the lint screen holder and exhausts.

Are diagnostics test available? How do I run/start them? Anything other tips or recommendations are welcomed.
After a little trouble shooting (aka google searching ) found out that the dyers door switch is a common cause of the "check lint screen" indicator staying on . After a quick scan the door switch lever had snapped off. Looked up the part number, did another google search for a parts place to buy it ... Turns out amazon sold the part and had same day delivery for an extra 2.95 shipping and minimum order.

Now I am looking for a video or 'destructions' on how to remove the top panel to get to the door switch.

Marking this as fixed/resolved as found the issue with the "check lint screen" Wait ... how do you mark an applianceblog thread fixed?
I don't see how the door switch could cause that, I've seen that happen to others of these same models, but yet dry's perfectly fine. In fact, I owned this model at one time and it would keep saying that, but yet my clothes dried perfectly fine.

Are you having drying issues with your clothes? Or longer than normal dry times?
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