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FIXED Maytag MEDC200XW3 timer and heat issues

Any particular terminals? Any particular setting I should be testing? I.e. timer in a give spot or whatever?

I am expecting to see a nonzero number on these correct?
Earlier this week, we discovered that it wasn't shutting off - it would run to the end of a cycle (timed dry or auto) but run indefinitely in the "cool down" stage. That was annoying, but not the end of the world. Now, it has stopped heating altogether on any setting.
I had a dryer do this exact same thing in Quartzsite, Arizona 3 weeks ago and I unplugged the dryer and ohm tested the heating element and it was bad, no meter reading at all, thus when the dryer advanced to cool down it would run forever and never shut off. I replaced the heating element, then it shut off after cool down.

So if you are absolutely sure you are getting 240 volts to the dryer like Dan mentioned, then I'd ohm test the heating element, make sure you unplug the dryer first!

Then yes, the new heating element should fix both problems.:)

Here's the heating element for your model:
279838 Heating Element
Ok, sounds good, yes let us know.:)
Just as a follow up:

I ordered the entire heating kit online. Heating element, both thermostats, thermal fuses, all of it.

Boom. Everything is working perfectly. Dryer heats great, timer advances properly and ends the cycle again on auto and timed dry settings.

Thanks for all of the help!
I'm glad to hear it. Going by the wiring diagram I don't know why both would be affected by it but happy you were able to figure it out.

Thanks for the followup. Hopefully it will help others that experience the same problem.
I'm also glad to hear the new heating element fixed both problems.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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