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Maytag MFI2569VEM4 French Door Bottom Freezer Temp Alarm Freezer issue


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Sep 26, 2022
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6-10 years
Temp alarm for freezer temp comes on refrigerator temp is fine. Freezer is not cooling and when unplugged from wall for 10 mins and back in after 4-5 hours the temp is back and it is cooling but, a day or so later same issue. The main control board being the fridge was replaced a year ago. Is there any steps to take to see if something else needs to replace. The freezer was freezing up water at the bottom of the freezer a year ago too so changed the drain line to a wider one which solved that problem as it seemed to get clogged easily with the one from the factory.

The resets worked a few times but, seen to be getting temp alarm on freezer more frequent now.

Added complete model number
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When you notice the freezer not cooling, is the compressor and fans still running? Or is the refrigerator dead silent and not running at all?

Also MFI2569VEM is just a partial model number, we need the complete model number. The model number tag is located inside the refrigerator section on the upper walls or ceiling.

Here's the results I get:

If there is not a digit after the M then it would go by the first two digits of your refrigerator serial number.


It’s a VEM4.
The compressor does kick on sometimes as I hear it working and the refrigerator part is at temp and cooling. I noticed the water comes out warm and ice is not really getting made as much. The temp seems to stay at 22. Wonder if it’s the thermistor in freezer?

Thank you in advance

Is the entire back panel inside freezer caked in frost to where you CAN'T see the back panel at all in the freezer? If so you have a auto defrost part that has gone bad.

Also, Do you hear the freezer(evaporator) fan running inside the freezer? On some models when the freezer door is open you need to press and hold in the door switch to hear the freezer fan motor running.

That that fan in the freezer should be running at all times while the refrigerator compressor is running.

If that freezer fan motor is NOT running, I'd test to see if your getting 12 volts DC to it when it should be running.

Evaporator Fan Motor W10850438

You can also ohm test that evaporator fan motor to check it for continuity with a multimeter.


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