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Maytag MGS8800FZ0 Gas Range - Display blank


Jan 29, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi everyone, I recently replaced the main control board in my Maytag Gas Range MGS8800FZ0 [approx 4 yr old] and the display is blank.

My main control board was destroyed by a mouse who found warmth [photo attached] and I replaced it with a new OEM part from a reputable company.
New part number of the new/old control board W10759301.F

Now everything seems to work fine, except for the display that is completely blank.
I've tried pressing and holding the settings/clock for 3 seconds.

Things I've tried:
Buttons beep when pressed.
If I push Bake - 4 - 0 - 0 - START, I hear gas flowing, the oven elements light and it gets up to temperature and later hit CANCEL, it turns off.
All connections to the board [especially the green display board wire] are good.
Stovetop elements light and work fine. Oven light button works and light goes on/off when you open/close the door.
I tried disconnecting the 11 wire green connector from the display board to the control board and did multimeter continuity check of all 11 pins and they're all good.
I have removed and examined the display board and there is no visible damage or black/smoked components on the display board. Looks brand new.

So I don't know if the new board is defective or the display board [W11122852] is defective as well.
I'd like to bench test the display board or check voltage on the TP8 - 11 pin connector on the main board to see if that is the problem.
I've checked the Service manual and wiring diagram and not sure what TP7/TP8/TP9/TP10 voltages should be?

Please help, thank you very much.


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Did you ever get this working?
Where did you get your replacement motherboard?
I'm doing the same job.
Check for proper voltage input at CON 2-4 to CON 1-1 by completing the following steps:
1. Unplug range or disconnect power.
2. Connect voltage measurement equipment.
3. Plug in range or reconnect power and confirm voltage reading is 120 V. If it is, unplug range or disconnect power and go to Step 4. If it is not, unplug range or disconnect power and go to Step 5.
4. Replace the control. Go to Step 6.
5. Check wires and connectors between the control and terminal block and make sure connectors are fully seated.
6. Replace all parts and panels before operating.
7. Plug in range or reconnect power.
8. Verify operation is normal. Press CANCEL>CANCEL>START to enter the Diagnostics Mode and verify that there are no error codes
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