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Maytag MHW4200BW0 F8 E1 error


Dec 19, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years

I have a Maytag washer that keeps getting an odd F8 E1 error when running washes as follows:
  1. Load machine up and wash on Normal setting
  2. Machine runs and starts wash
  3. Wash stops with E1 F8 about 10 mins or so into wash
  4. Power off machine and it drains
  5. Turn machine back on again straight away and run on Normal the wash cycle completes with no errors
I have tried the following:
  1. Run an empty wash on Cold cycle - washes cycle completes with no errors
  2. Run an empty wash on Normal cycle - wash cycle completes with no errors
  3. Run an empty was in the Clean (Hot) cycle - wash completes with no errors
  4. Run an empty wash on Sanitize (Extra Hot) - wash completes with no errors
  5. I have pulled the coin trap and cleaned it out,
  6. Checked the vacuum hose for leaks (There are none)
  7. Removed the screens for the hoses and cleared them
  8. Check resistance readings on pump solenoids
  9. Run diagnostics and cleared codes
I was thinking the inlet valves could be shot, but it seems to only happen when there are clothes in the machine - if I run pretty much any program with an empty drum it runs just fine. Could it be a faulty pressure switch?

Any ideas to check next?

Hi Toby,

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below, Page 10--->F8E1--->NO WATER DETECTED ENTERING WASHER OR PRESSURE SENSOR TRIP NOT DETECTED
The washer does not detect water input after 13 minutes of filling.

• Is water supply connected and turned on?
• Check for blocked or kinked inlet hoses.
• Low water pressure or blocked hose screens.
• Check for proper drain hose installation. Is water siphoning out of the drain hose? Drain hose must not be more than 4.5" (114 mm) into drain pipe. Make sure drain hose is not sealed into drain pipe, and that there is an air gap for ventilation.
• Check connections from tub to air trap, air trap to pressure hose, and pressure hose to pressure sensor.
Is pressure hose pinched, kinked, plugged, or leaking air?
--->See TEST #6 (Water Inlet Valves) on page 17.
--->See TEST #7 (Pressure Sensor) on page 18.

If the pressor sensor is good, then I agree its a bad water inlet vlave.

WPW10435242 Water Inlet Valve Assembly

This person had the same issue and the new water inlet valve fixed it:


  • W10441081-revc.pdf
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