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Maytag MVWB765FW1 Washer F6/E2


Feb 10, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
Hey everyone first post here and really hoping for some diagnostic help/advice on a problem with a new Maytag Washer.

This particular washer is roughly 3 years old give or take a few months, so definitely within its life cycle. Long story short a load was interrupted mid cycle with an E2/F6 or F6/E2 error code. First thing first with anything electronic I tried resetting it by unplugging it and then plugging it back it. BINGO it worked....... for 5 mins and then bam another E2/F6 error code.

I did some basic research on the code and found out there was a loss in communication somewhere. So i removed the UI and checked that harness for continuity and there didn't seem to be any issues. On the UI i didn't see anywhere else to check so i moved on to the control module and it looked complex. The only thing i could see was a green blinking light stating the unit had power.

From here i researched both parts. the control module and UI.... Both were ~$250.00 a pop and what i found was no parts store would return them if it didn't work. So we decided to pay the $75 and have an appliance repair shop come "diagnose" the problem and at least then we would only pay for the part we need and it would have a warranty. Well that was all fine and great but they came back with a $450 repair quote for the damaged controller module. Well a brand new washer is $550.00 of the same exact one we have. So the repair is out the door from them. That leads me to my dilemma

1. Is there a way to diagnose weather or not the IU is the culprit or the control module? If so how? voltage test?

2. Should my washer really be having this issue at ~3 years of age? I mean Maytag seemed pretty proud to provide me a 10 year warranty on the basket and drive motor ( of which i am sure never break).

3. Advice from the pros.... Should i pay the money and fix it myself or just chalk it up as a loss and buy a new washer?


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi, I'm attaching your tech data sheet below.

F6E2=Communication Error: ACU Cannot Hear UI

Fault is displayed when communication between the UI and the ACU has not been detected.

• Check continuity in the UI harness.
• Complete Test #1: Main Control (ACU), page 14 and Test #4: Keys and Encoders, page 17.

Here's the part you need: W11135391

Look here:
tmol said the new console fixed it.



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