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Maytag MVWB850YW0 Bravos XL Washer - Loud Grinding Agitator Noise but Splines Look OK? Video & Pics Included


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Feb 11, 2023
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6-10 years
Hey everyone,

I have a Maytag Bravos XL washer that is making a heck of a racket during agitation. The model # is MVWB850YW0 and it's probably about 8 years old. Here's a video I captured of the sound:

The speed of the rattling sound seems like it's is a lot faster than the speed the agitator is rotating. Also, the agitator won't make this noise unless there's a medium-ish or larger load, usually with some towels in it. So in other words, a load must be placed on the agitator. There are no other odd noises as far as I've seen during spin cycles, draining, etc.

I saw some videos with similar noise during agitation cycles and it seemed the usual culprit was worn splines on the agitator shaft. I pull the agitator and I don't think that's the case here though? It certainly seems like the male and female splines are in OK shape - see pics below (they are thumbnails that should expand). Any ideas what I should check next? Thanks!

20230204_113313 (Large).jpg20230204_113317 (Large).jpg20230204_113359 (Large).jpg
I saw the video and heard that noise.

Remove your basket hub and see if the teeth are worn on it or the hub is cracked.

Here's the basket hub for your model, if needed:
W10820039 Basket Hub

--->There is a Video Included in the basket hub Part link that shows you HOW TO remove and replace it.

Let us know what you find.
Thanks for the reply! I popped off the basket hub and it looks like it's in decent shape too, with respect to both the internal splines that mate with the metal shaft, and the interface between the two composite pieces as well. No signs of cracking or damage, either.


Any ideas?
Ok, looks a little worn, but still ok.

Now check the rotor, that drives the agitator shaft, its underneath your machine.

Here's the rotor for your model:
Rotor Assembly 280146

Thanks Jake. Here's some pics of the splines on the rotor...the rest of the rotor housing and magnets are in fine shape so I didn't take an overall shot:

The splines are not wiped out or anything, but I'll admit the peaks aren't super well defined. I would not have thought this would be enough for the metal shaft to be freewheeling. I also didn't see any evidence of slipping like ground up polymer on the mating metal shaft. Is there anything else I should check? What do you think?
The splines are not wiped out or anything, but I'll admit the peaks aren't super well defined.
That looks to be the problem to me.

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