Maytag MVWB850YW0 Is it worth the trouble to repair?


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Feb 2, 2011
So my wife and I want to replace our current washer. (bosh front loader)
I acquired for free a maytag bravos XL HE washer. It's 6 years old and works fine, EXCEPT it has the bearing issue.

I have watched a video which is pretty good on showing how to do the job to replace the bearings.

The part isn't terrible to buy, but the tool is more than the part and you kinda need the tool by the look of it.

I talked to an appliance shop, she was NOT trying to sell me anything (really) but I had called hoping to rent the tool. When I told her what washer I had she told me that generally they will not perform that repair, and that they advice customers to not do so as according to her top loading HE washers tend to eat bearings.
That a used washer can generally be had for less then what they charge for the repair.

So my question in general to everyone is simple. Is this washer worth fixing? I know this washer was close to 1K when this guy bought it 6 years ago, so at first glance I though $130 invested might not be a bad thing. However is this a really good washer? and will it just eat bearings every few years? We do a lot of laundry, probably on the order of 10 loads a week.

I mean I dunno if the replacement bearings hold up better then the original ones, or is this something that fails fairly frequently.
Any insights or thoughts on this welcome. thx...
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