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FIXED Maytag MVWC500VW0 does not fill with water and hums by the motor


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Feb 7, 2006
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More than 10 years
Maytag MVWC500VW0 hums when starting any cycle. Exception is during a spin where it spins fine. Washer does not fill with water. Changed the water inlet valve but still hums by the motor area. Checked the capacitor below the water inlet valve with a meter and checks fine. Opened up the drainage pump and found no blockage and spins fine. What am I missing?
Is the motor humming itself? Can you turn the motor pulley and transmission pulley freely both ways?

Thanks Jake. It's been years since I got advice from you on another appliance. Great to hear from you.

Found my problem. Thought it might be the timer as it seemed to be out of sync with different cycle points regardless of where I turned the timer to. It did however spin on the spin cycle.

I opened up the timer and found that some of the fingers had shorted and had welded together in one area. I would guess it was the circuit for the motor but the capacitor to actually kick start the motor was never powered up, thus the humming. Assumed the welded fingers also prevented the timer motor to advance to any new mode.

Have a new timer on order. Assume this will fix the problem!
Thanks Jake. It's been years since I got advice from you on another appliance. Great to hear from you.
Yes, I see you joined in 2006, its really good to see long time members come back.:) We started this applianceblog/forum in 2004, Can't believe its been almost 20 years we have been at it, time fly's when your having fun. LOL

Yes, the new timer should fix it. Let us know how it goes.

Here's the timer for your model(Video Included), in case others need it too:
WPW10111389 Timer
Thanks Jake. Unbelievable that I last contacted you in 2006. This blog is fantastic and very useful for guys like me who have some technical abilities to do their own repairs with your guidance! I'm a trained mechanical engineer but need the valuable tips and tricks from experienced pro guys like you!!

Got the part today from Amazon and worked right away. I'm back in business! Thanks again Jake!!
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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