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Maytag Neptune Code 23, Fails to Stop Spin Cycle


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Oct 5, 2016
Portland, OR
Model Number
SN: A2952759CC.

I have researched this model and its many inherent problems, and studied the repair manual. However, my problem doesn't seem to correspond with the common issues.

The washer seems to cycle appropriately, and perform all fill, wash, rinse, and spin functions. However, it hangs at the end of each spin cycle, and does not shut off. It continues to spin, and hangs with 1 minute left on the display. The only way to end the cycle, is to interrupt it manually, (pause or stop the machine) and then unlock the door with the pull-string.

I have run diagnostics, and the only error code that continually appears is "23," which is the "door failed to unlock" warning. Indeed, the door fails to unlock, and that seems to be why the spin cycle won't terminate.

I ran the "short cycle" diagnostic, and had the same outcome. It hangs on the spin, and never completes the test, and gives the "23" error.

Please note: this model has a solenoid door-latch control, not a wax motor. I tested the micro switch beside the solenoid, and it appears to be working.

Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.
Additionally, it now appears to stop and hang in other parts of the cycle, and for the first time, it displayed an "LR" code.
Hi Matthew,

This link is the repair manual for it, Your model starts at page#107: https://www.applianceblog.com/manuals...Neptunenew.pdf

FOR THE ERROR CODE 23: First try and clear the error code, that error code 23 may be an old one.

Page#126/Section 2-14 says Clearing Diagnostic code list.

Your model is the LED screen as seen on page#109

Page#123 says how to access service mode.

Page#30 says Tachometer circuit diagnostics, that also relates to the "LR- Locked Rotor" error code, it explains how to test the Tachometer.

On page 31 where it says Tachometer wire checks:

White To Black (From Motor Control)
+ 13 VDC or <9 VDC Bad Motor

Are you getting 13 VDC?

For the LR error code its usually just the motor control board on models that don't take the motor conversion kit, usually you will see a burnt spot on that motor control board, you can pull yours out and check. Unplug your washer first.

According to your serial# of the washer, the first 2 digits are A2 so from the official Maytag parts list on page 24 here: http://www.maytag.com/digitalassets/MLPDF/Repair Part List - MAH5500BWW.pdf

Yours takes the motor control board that's listed for 88 and higher. So yours takes this one: Motor Control Board WP22004046


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