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Aug 31, 2007
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A few days ago, I had a lightning strike that fried the control board in my Neptune washer, model FAV6800AWW. The washer is 3 years old. The original control board part number, 25001188, is replaced with new part number 25001217. I ordered 25001217 from an internet parts house and installed it last night. The washer "powers up" and you can wash clothes. However, the settings on the left side of the control panel no longer have the "presets" that were there with the original board. For example, when you turn the washer on, the "normal" setting has a wash temp of warm and rinse temp of cold. Those two settings are correct. When you press the "wrinkle release" setting, the wash and rinse temps remain as warm/cold when they should change to cold/cold. You can change the settings manually to cold/cold, but the water that goes into the tub is warm/cold.

I called Maytag and Whirlpool. Both told me they do not offer any technical support over the phone ("liability" was the reason given) and I would have to schedule a repairman to come out.

I can order the 25001217 part from Maytag, and can return it as "defective" if it performs as the one I already have. Which I suspect it will do.

There are no other parts that could have been affected by the lightning strike, other than the power filter. I did not replace it.

I would greatly appreciate any help this group can offer, and I'll post the resolution when I have it.

I'd also appreciate any info on how to protect sensitive electronics like control boards from lightning (my furnace and security system boards were also fried). I have a whole house surge protection on the circuit breaker panel, but I don't think the strike came in on the power line.


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Aug 24, 2004
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Ok, then that board is either defective or something else is going on which hopefully someone can post if they've run into this problem before on this model when changing the control board.