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Maytag Neptune FAV6800AWW - Spin aborts, won't drain.


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Jan 21, 2019
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So this was sitting in my garage. Used to be my nephew's. He says it quit on him and the appliance guy said it would be a $250 main control board replacement to fix, so he left it there. He mentioned no other problems. I found a cheap board on eBay, installed it and now any cycle quits at spin. It attempts to spin, spins a few times at very low speed, then won't advance the time and continues to attempt spinning. I'm reading over posts here and trying to fix it myself, and I'm aware of what lemons these machines are. However, I have little money and need some advice. I was able to find the service manual and am walking through diagnostics.


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UPDATE: I am getting no error codes.
UPDATE: The normal cycle gets to 32 minutes, then the tumblers attempt to spin, then reverse to lock the clutch, then do this over and over again. Still no error code and no main tub spinning at all. The tub has not spun yet.
Hi Kevin,

I've never worked on these models, but our tech Dick has and is our expert on these models, but he hasn't been here since Dec. of 2016.

When you click your model number that's located in your first post above, it will show you lots of threads on this model he has helped with, hopefully that will help you fix it.

Here's the sticky thread on this model: Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW - DC and UC error code

Thanks Jake. I opened the front and I can't get the tub to spin in any way except for the way that makes the agitators spin.. Tried pulling the belt and manually turning the tub, but nothing.
I am assuming it is a top load Neptune...
This sounds like an easy fix. Check inside and try to rotate the drum by hand counter-clockwise and then clockwise (should not rotate clockwise) the clutch should only allow it to rotate in one direction. It should rotate in one direction very easily and not at all in the other direction so dont force it.

To me is sounds like the clutch needle bearings are seized up and this can be corrected in short order without any parts. First test the drum and see if it rotates, if it is difficult to rotate counterclockwise as you are looking from the top with the lid open, then the needle bearings are seized. Unplug the washer and pull it out to work on it. You will need to remove the front panel. If so, remove front panel by lifting the top lid assembly using a flat screwdriver covered so it doesnt chip the paint--there are two clamps holding the top assembly it down.

Then lift the cover panel and remove the top two machine screws that hold the front panel on. Once the screws are removed the front panel will rotate down/out and lift out; set it a side. Then unbolt the spin cycle motor remove the belt and move it out of the way so that you can reach under and unbolt the clutch assembly. It is really easy but will require different size wrenches or sockets and the area is tight so I usually block up the tub using 2X4 pieces.

Then unbolt the clutch assembly and take it out. You will have to remove the top to get to the bearings. there are two--an upper and lower. you will notice that they will not rotate and very rusty. I use brake cleaner and grease to get them working again.

Dont be afraid to break them free rotating them back and forth. Once you get them cleaned up, regrease them and reassemble the clutch assembly.

To reassemble the clutch simply separate it into two parts the up part that has the plastic dogs has to be aligned with the indentation on the drum and has to slip over the notched wings. once that is in place align the square shaft with the square clutch assembly slide. Slide on and refastened the bolt and put motor in place and reinstall the belt on the armature and clutch pulley.

Reassembly can be tricky so make sure it is correct. You can test it by again rotating the tub--should turn easily in one direction only. Reassemble the front panel and you are back in business...

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