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Maytag Neptune MD55 frozen


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Jun 28, 2023
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More than 10 years
My dryer just stopped working. We went to use it, and the display on the panel just says '67', and the usual buttons are lit up. You cannot hit any of the buttons to change anything, it just sits there. We removed power for a bit and turned it back on, and there is a small beep, then it's back to displaying '67' and no buttons work. Any help is appreciated. I also can't find the serial, I'm guessing its on the bottom which is super convenient eh! MD55 is what is on the owners manual, Maytag Neptune is what's on the panel.
MD55 is what is on the owners manual,

That is insufficient. You need to get and post the complete model number from the appliance's identification tag before anyone will be able to suggest anything. You can find tips for locating the model and serial number identification tag on your appliances at the following link:

LINK > Model Number Tag Location Guide
Understood, thought there might be a chance MD55 was enough. I found the serial location...it's long gone. Going to check the file cabinet in the morning, see if it's on any old paperwork. Thanks for the quick reply though!

Maybe more of it will but I'm sure not the complete information which is really what is needed. Here are some possibilities, none really close:


If you can find the proper model number you could try looking for the machine's wiring diagram that also usually contains a 'tech sheet' with some service information including fault codes and possible causes.

What are the part numbers on the manual? It might be traced back to a model.

Dan O.
I don't see any mention of such an error message. You can see the service manual at the following link:

I looked at the wiring diagram and don't see anything that might be responsible besides the electronic control itself. You could try disconnecting the touch-pad's ribbon connector from the electronic control in case it has a short and is triggering the display. Otherwise the electronic control might need to be replaced.

Unfortunately a new electronic control is discontinued and NLA. If needed you might have to try a repair service for the original electronic control.

LINK > Maytag Electronic Control 33003028 Repair Service

Dan O.
A little bit more info. Reseated the cables and didn’t help. Found a troubleshooting guide taped to the inside and found the sequence to get in service mode (time up and air fluff). It will not enter that mode. There was a membrane test mode. I could enter that and then all the led lights would flash, but I couldn’t hit any buttons like I think it said I could do.
Heading to local guy now to see what parts he has, might get lucky.

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