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Maytag Neptune MLG2000AWW Washer can't balance larger loads in spin cycle


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Feb 24, 2020
San Carlos, CA
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More than 10 years
I have a 15 yr old Maytag Neptune stackable unit that until recently has been bulletproof. Last month it started to stop mid cycle so replaced wax motor and control panel. That seems to fix everything.

Now this week it is having a hard time balancing the load in the spin cycle. I took the front panel of and shot a video of it with a smallish load in it. (On bigger loads it never gets into high speed spin mode as it can't self balance). In the video you can see that early in the spin cycle the tub is moving around a lot, both side to side and front and back. (Spin #1 Video). Later in the cycle it seems to have balanced things out and goes into high speed spin. This only happens on smaller loads, full loads or anything with towels, rugs and it just bangs around and never gets into high speed spin mode (so soggy items). I initially thought I had a clogged drain but took that off and it was clear. Could this be a slow/bad pump? Or shocks/struts? I'm hoping it's not bearings...
Thanks in advance

Hi Tim,

I remember having a similar issue when I worked for Sears in Oregon in the early 2000's, and replacing the struts fixed it.

The shocks should be stout with heavy compression so it is difficult to compress. You can see if the top of the tub will easily press down onto the shocks.

Here is the shock strut kit for your model, unfortunately they are No Longer Available:
Shock Absorber WP22001988

Hi Jake,

Thanks for your reply. I'll push down on the top of the tub to see how easily it depresses. It looks like on-line that my only option is to buy used shocks off of eBay, etc....I'm assuming there's no way to recondition the originals....

Also, to replace the shocks, it looks like you need to access an 8mm nut from underneath the cabinet floor. This unit is jammed into a closet. Might be a challenge to figure out how to lift it up enough to get underneath it without taking it out of the closet...Any clever thoughts on how to do that?

Ok Tim, just be careful buying used shocks that can fail anytime again.

Here's the repair manual for your Neptune Stackable you can print out the shock replacement section: www.applianceblog.com/manuals/MaytagNeptuneStack.pdf

Its been more than 15 years since I have replaced these, and my brain isn't as good as it used to be trying to remember how to replace them, but yes I believe on these you have to get underneath the washer base to remove that nut.

Its going to be a nightmare if its in a tight space, you will likely need a helper.

Thanks Jake. Yes, used shocks and how to lift this thing has me thinking that maybe it's time for a new machine...Thanks again for your help.
Yes Tim, that was my same thoughts yesterday.

Its best to retire this machine and start over with a new one, yours is over 20 years old and other parts will be naturally wearing out too. You got well more than average life out of this one.:)

Agreed. What machines are the appliance repair pros recommending for a stackable front loader these days? Looks like LG gets some high marks and to stay away from Samsung but the rest of the data is murky.....
All us techs here recommend Whirlpool and Maytag stackables.


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