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Maytag Neptune Washer FAV6800AWW S/N 17... stuck in the wash cycle and would not go into the spin cycle


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Apr 3, 2022
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More than 10 years
My machine was stuck in the wash cycle and would not go into the spin cycle. I shut the machine off and tried turning the drum CCW and it would not turn at all. So I got out a 1x4 several feet long and forced it loose. Now I can turn it CCW easily and it will coast to a stop. I ran a cycle and it runs perfectly all the way through but I'm afraid this was a temporary fix.

I pulled the bottom pulley assembly off to check the one-way bearing. It was working properly. Do I need to replace the outer tub bearing? This is a later model machine that does not have the second one-way clutch for the drum on top of the bottom pulley. Is there a good writeup on this, preferably even a video?

Sorry, I have not worked on this model, so I'm not able to assist you on this machine.

Dick, aka @dh1200s, knows all about these machines and has posted thoroughly about these models many years ago:

Thanks Jake. I am familiar with that post from Dick. I have troubleshot to the point that I know it is the outer tub bearing and am looking for a detailed post or video on replacement of that bearing. The manual gives information on it but not as good as I am looking for.

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