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Maytag Neptune won't balance out-replaced struts to no avail.

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Apr 5, 2015
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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I replaced the struts in my Neptune a few weeks ago and still no improvement on the out of balance issue. I took a video of what it does during the spin cycle today and would like to know what you guys think is the problem. All that was in the washer was a few sheets and towels. It does this on any sized load.

It went out of balance repeatedly even after I took all the clothes out and re loaded the washer. It's final attempt had it jumping across the floor so I decided to just wring out the load by hand. If I can't figure this out soon I will need to buy a new washer since I cannot put up with this any longer. Very frustrating. I checked the bolts to the drum spider and all are screwed on tight, all unbalance switches seem to be in order, and the balance ring still has its liquid.

The out of balance vibration is so bad lately on any sized load that the washer will jump up and down and I usually have to turn it off. Keep in mind this is after about 5 attempts from the control board to balance out the load. It does not do this without clothes inside. Also, at the start of the spin, it shakes on and off, like it will balance for 1 second, go out of balance again for 5 seconds, and repeat that pattern until it picks up speed and then it just vibrates really loud. If I can describe it, it sounds like ''bang bang bang *stops* bang bang bang *Stops*'' kinda thing. This happens with or without clothes at the start of spin, obviously more violently with clothes in it.

Bearings are good, motor works good and is bolted on tight, no error codes, just vibrates uncontrollably when its spinning. Sometimes it can never reach the full 1000 RPM spin because it shakes so bad. I'm afraid to use the washer at this point thinking it might turn out to be one of those washers you see on the news that are recalled for vibrating so bad they explode. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's the video:

How do you know the bearings are good? Did you disassemble your whole washer and check them?

From all my Maytag Neptune service calls, that noise sounds like your rear bearings that are shot.

Now the bearings only come with the outer tub assembly:
22004465 Outer Tub Assy, with Seal Kit

But you can get them locally at a bearings shop in your area, this thread explains all about it: Neptune bearing/seal issues....

But unless you have lots of time on your hands, I wouldn't recommend it. Both jobs are extremely time consuming. But getting the outer tub assembly is more expensive but less time consuming.

I'd say just get a new washer.

The bearings sound fine. It does not roar on the spin cycle. Looking at the outside of the bearings with the back panel off they appear to be fine. The inner basket does not move around at all either so I can't see it being the bearings.
Its not the sound from the bearings, its likely the out-of-roundness that's the problem with the bearings.

That's why you need to take the inner tub out and look at where the inner tub shaft goes into the bearings to see, you have no other parts that would cause that out of balance vibration but the bearings, since you already replaced the struts, you see what I mean?
When I try to rock the inner tub side to side it does not move, it does not move when the washer is spinning either. I have bypassed the lock while it was spinning and the drum moves in a perfect circle even when its doing the bouncy thing. It always bounces around a lot on the right side and the left seems to stay stable. Could the spring on the right side just need to be replaced? I can't see it being stretched bad enough to make it spin like that but who knows. I'm pretty sure its not the bearings, but you do make a good point. Currently I don't have another washer to use so I will use this one until I hear bearing noise and then probably attempt to fix it if I can get it all apart. I have heard its relatively cheap if you take out the old bearings instead of buying the whole tub. Just don't feel like tearing it apart right now when it still works enough to get the clothes clean.
Could the spring on the right side just need to be replaced?
No, not likely, now if the spring was broken, then that would be the case.

Yes, about the only thing you can do is take the inner tub out and check, but yes you will need time on your hands to do this, its a huge job.:)

Or buy a new washer.:)

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