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FIXED Maytag Performa PAVT910AWW Won't Agitate or Spin, but will spin when laying on it's back


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Nov 16, 2012
fontana, cA
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Maytag Performa PAVT910AWW Won't Agitate or Spin and just makes a buzzing noise. I laid it almost flat on it's back but a little tilted upward to check the belt, etc. then decided to try the spin cyle and it start spinning normally. I tipped it back up to standing position and it continued to spin. If I stop it and start it back up then it won't spin and just makes a buzzing noise. Also, when it was spinning and then I stopped it , it squealed/squeaked like the brakes were grabbing.
Update: When sitting upright as it should, the motor is not turning when starting it in spin mode. When laying on it's back, the motor is turning when starting it in spin mode. fyi.
Update 2: Changed the motor and it works. Except something is causing a loud squeak when it stops spinning. Like when the brakes get applied. What can I do to fix that squeak?
Good job finding it was the motor that was bad, thats exactly what I was going to tell you to buy, seen that happen many times on my service calls.:)

Here's the motor for your model in case others need it:
Drive Motor 21001950 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

For the squeak issue, you will need the Brake and Rotor Lining and Brake Stator. When I worked at Montgomery Ward in the 90's I was changing about 2 or 3 of these a month.

The part number for the Brake and Rotor Lining is 35-6714
The part number for the Brake Stator is 35-6918

The brake tool to release the brake spring is No Longer Available.

A member back in Dec. 2008 was able to use longer screws in place of the shorter screws to release the brake spring pressure, thus avoiding the need to purchase the brake tool: FIXED Admiral washer LNC6760B71 snubber

Thanks for your help! Appreciate it! For some reason, now that the replacement motor is working, and we put clothes in the washer to test it, the loud squeak stopped. When it squeaked before, the washer was empty for testing. :)
Ok, then you may get lucky and it may not squeak anymore with a load in it, but if it does start squeaking again even when running loads you will know its time to get those two parts I listed above.:)


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