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Maytag Performa Washer PAV1000AWW doesn't drain at spin cycle


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Jun 2, 2023
Model Number
More than 10 years
Over the past six months, the top loader has occasionally failed to drain at the first spin cycle and just ticks away until the end of the wash sequence. Until today, pushing in the dial and turning around to the spin cycle again has "fixed" the problem. When it works as expected, it drains very quickly.
The only other odd thing about this 20+ year old washer is that at the end of each rinse cycle there's an awful screech.
I'm not sure where to start. Is it even possible to get parts / service for such an old machine?
Sounds like your timer is starting to fail: Timer WP21001341 but It's No Longer Available.

The only other odd thing about this 20+ year old washer is that at the end of each rinse cycle there's an awful screech.
You will need the Brake Rotor Lining and Brake Stator. When I worked at Montgomery Ward in the 90's I was changing about 2 or 3 of these a month.

The part number for the Brake Rotor Lining is WP35-6714
The part number for the Brake Stator is WP35-6918

Buts those parts have been discontinued too.
Glad to help Pete!
Glad to help Pete!
Before shelling out $$$ on eBay, I did a little more digging. Can you confirm whether the following information is correct? If it is, then we'd need WP35-3840 since the serial number on our washer begins wtih 12. Two of the eBay listings have both part numbers cross-listed, while there's another listing that has a different 35- number associated with 21001341.

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If the first 2 digits of the serial number are between 10 - 14 then you will need to order timer part number WP35-3840. If the first 2 digits are 15 or higher then you will need part number WP21001341.
That isn't correct.

The first two digits of your serial number does not determine the timer part number on your model.

WP21001341 is for all serial numbers on your model.
Thank you, Jake.

I'd found that random tidbit from an unnamed source while searching for instructional videos, but it didn't quite jive with what I'd found listed on eBay, and directly contradicted what you'd said.
Glad to help Pete.

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