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Maytag Range MGS5775BDB Oven Bake Igniter not working


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Sep 28, 2009
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More than 10 years
Broiler works, as does range top, but bake igniter does not glow at all even after replacement with new part. After reading other posts I tried to test whether the bake igniter was getting 120V but I couldn’t get a reading on my multimeter. I tested the multimeter and it shows 120V at the outlet so I don't think the multimeter itself is the problem.

I tried testing the voltage at bake igniter at the plastic connector - power connected, bake on, plastic connector disconnected, a multimeter prong in each hole of the connector (the one connected to the oven, not the one connected to the igniter). No reading.

I tried the same thing at the broiler igniter; no reading. So I tried to test the bake igniter with the black multimeter prong in the plastic connector and the other at (what I think is) the oven safety valve, although it was hard to access that part so I’m not sure I got a good connection. Still no reading. I tried the same thing with the broil igniter and still no reading.

So I must be doing something wrong trying to test whether the igniters are getting 120V - the broiler works so it must be getting 120V, I just can't seem to get the multimeter to show it. Two question: if the bake igniter is getting 120V and I'm just not using the multimeter correctly, then what else might be the problem? And if the bake igniter is not getting 120V then what is the repair?