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FIXED Maytag Refrigerator MFI2568AES intermittent ice production

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May 25, 2015
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I’m having some weird problems with this fridge. I purchased it used and hooked up the water line to start making ice. After several days I did not have any ice in the bin. I messed around with it several times and put it into max cool mode. The next day there was frozen cubes in the ice maker but they never ejected into the bin.

I ran some service tests and didn’t find anything specifically wrong with it. I reset the unit and then it started to make some ice and there were maybe 20 cubes in the ice bin. I left it alone for a few days and expected the ice bin to be full. When checked it, there was no more ice in it than the last time.

When it was producing ice cubes, I used an infrared thermometer to measure the temp in the ice box. It showed about 6 degrees. Today when I checked it, the infrared thermometer read 26-32 in the ice box. The fridge has maintained a steady temp of around 38 degrees so only the temp in the ice box seems to be intermittent.

I was going to order a new ice maker assembly but now I’m thinking it’s an ice box thermistor or evaporator fan. Any help would be appreciated. The water filter is new and the water dispenser flows strong and steady. I did not see any ice blocking the water dispenser tube in the ice maker. I was able to feel cubes in the ice maker that have not been ejected.
Today when I checked it, the infrared thermometer read 26-32 in the ice box
Did you notice if the ice maker fan motor was running?

If not. On the main Iceland control board in the back of your refrigerator, measure the voltage across J1-8 (white wire) and J2-10 (red/black wire). You should have 120 Volts AC. Set your meter to measure DC volts and measure the voltage between J6-1 (black/green) and J6-2 (red/black) You should have 12 VDC.

Here's the evaporator fan motor for your model you can order if your voltage is good to it:
WP67006968 Motor-Fan

Here's the main control board for your model:
Control Board W10890094

Just checked the temps in the fridge. Bottom freezer was -6 degrees, ice box was 6-8 degrees, and the fridge side was 30-33 degrees. The fans were not running but after opening the fridge and letting some cold air out I heard them kick on. I can feel cold air blowing into the fridge and hear the fan blowing into the ice box. It does not appear that any more ice has been made.

I would think the ice bin would be completely full by now. I have slid the cubes to the front to make sure they are not pushing the stop lever up. I plan to pull the fridge out and make sure the coils are clean underneath as well as pull the cover on the control board to see if I can observe any bulged transistors.

I see that the newer ice maker for this fridge has a different style arm to shut it off when the ice bin is full. Should I have more ice in the bin than the picture shows? I’m going to need ice for my whiskey this summer 😬


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I also checked the voltages on the control board and they were 120v and 12v at the points mentioned. I didn’t observe any bulged transistors on the board. The coils were also clean so the airflow was not restricted.
Your temps are good, how many hours did it take to make that much ice in your photo?

I see that the newer ice maker for this fridge has a different style arm to shut it off when the ice bin is full.
Yes, they upgraded your ice maker to this one below.

Here's the upgraded ice maker for your model you can order:
W10583817 Ice Maker

It stopped making ice again. I emptied it out and there are cubes frozen in the tray but after over a day they have not ejected. Service mode shows the ice box at 11 degrees and all the fans work. I have decided to try a new style ice maker to see if that fixes the problem. Should have it next week and I can report back.
Ok sounds good, yes keep us posted.

Installed the new ice maker and it started making ice immediately. Within a few hours there were several batches of ice, huge improvement. The updated ice maker with the hanging shut off arm seems to work much better.
Excellent, glad to hear the new updated ice maker fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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