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FIXED Maytag Refrigerator model M1TXEGMYW00 stopped cooling


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Apr 22, 2023
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More than 10 years
I have an older Maytag model M1TXEGMYW00 that I use as a beer fridge in the garage, we picked it up second hand at a garage sale last year. Small top freezer, lower fridge unit. No issues until the other day - came home from being out of town a few days and I noticed the freezer was defrosting when I went to get an ice pack out. Thought I had just accidentally left the door open to the freezer over night but then grabbed a drink later from the fridge and it was not as cold as they normally are.

I pulled the back panel to look around - nothing looks burned or broken. The light in the fridge still comes on when the door opens, but no fans will run nor does the compressor. The coils underneath are pretty dang clean. I checked the start relay, no broken parts inside of it and based on some videos I found the volt meter testing seems to tell me its ok. Also checked the capacitor- volt meter doesn't measure in mF but i did get a reading, so I "think" the capacitor is ok?

I've tried moving the fans by hand just to make sure they spin fine, nothing seems to be frozen up/seized in either the compressor fan or the cooling fan (inside the freezer). Its an older model so its pretty low tech, but i'm stumped on why nothing except the light inside is coming on - I would think at least the compressor fan should come on with it being plugged in, no?

I'm debating just ordering a new start relay and capacitor just because, trial by part replacement even though I don't love that idea. Any thoughts on what else I could test/check?

Sounds like your temperature control thermostat went out. Unplug the refrigerator, then get access to it per the video below, then ohm test it with a multimeter and see if it has continuity when its in the ON position.

Here's the temperature control thermostat for your model:
Thermostat WPW10584888

definitely can check that here in a minute - I had typed all this up last night but forgot to hit "post". some testing I was doing yesterday, I feel like there is no power coming "out" of the circuit board. Going by the schematic drawing, I checked the black wire coming into the circuit board (carefully) and its hot, full power coming into the board. The red wire sends power to the thermostat and back out to the compressor and fan. I checked the back of the fridge, the red wire there and had no power. On the inside at the circuit board, I checked as well and same - showed no power at the "red" wire leaving the circuit board. There's nothing on the board that looks "fried", but I'll certainly test the thermostat itself here in a little bit
Tested the thermostat and not getting continuity like you mentioned- ordering a new one so hopefully I'll be back up and running soon. Thanks for the help!
Tested the thermostat and not getting continuity
You nailed it! Good job!

The new Thermostat will fix it.:)

Let us know how it goes.
I think so! I did a jumper wire to "bypass" the thermostat and everything came on (compressor, fans) so I think once the new thermostat is in place I'll be back in business. Thanks for your help!
Sounds good, glad to help!

Let us know how it goes once you get the new thermostat installed.:)
Almost forgot to report back - new thermostat installed and life is back to normal - all is good! Thanks again for the help in troubleshooting
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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