Maytag Refuses To Solve Problem

Mike B

Jun 20, 2006
:mad: We too bought a matag dishwasher. Bought it at Lowes. After about 8 months, it began to take longer and longer to finish the light wash cycle. Ultimately wound up taking over 4 hours. Called maytag service. Since machine was out of warranty, we paid about $125 for service call. Service tech removed and replaced a part and left. Problem continued. We called service back and a different tech shows up. Removed the touchpad and replaced with new one. The machine worked great for 10 months.

Old problem has now resurfaced again. So I call service, and thru a series of transfers, them hanging up on me, refusing to let me talk to a supervisor, putting me on hold for 35 minutes, I was finally able to talk to a "resolution supervisor" after a 95 minute telephone attempt. In essence she says that if I want the machine fixed, it will cost me another $145 for service call...although the part might be replaceable. They refuse to admit that the old problem was never really fixed.

I cannot understand why the same problem persists, over time. Defective motherboard ? Defective machine ? Why is Maytag refusing to come back and fix a problem that has persisted since we bought the machine ? I have my planned telephone bouncing, long hold times, refusing to deal with the issue and hope we go away.

have heard there is a class action lawsuit against maytag for their washing machines. Anyone know of the same for dishwashers ?:mad:


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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
Put the cost of the service call towards a new'll save yourself from a headache dealing with maytag.