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Maytag Washer LSE7806ACE no longer fills with water


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Jun 23, 2019
SF Bay area
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1-5 years
My washer was working fine until one day, it stops filling with water and hence the washer is not working.
As an alternative, we filled the washer with water from an adjacent sink and washer works for the 'Wash' cycle and then again stops at 'Rinse' cycle. We make it run again at 'Rinse' cycle by adding water from outside.
How can I fix the automatic water fill?


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona

You have a fuse in the front of your washer behind the front panel. Its #3 here: Parts for Maytag LSE7806ACE: Cabinet Parts

Just unplug your washer first, then remove the front panel #20 by removing the front panel screws at the bottom of that front panel, then the front panel will pull forward and come off.

If it is blown that's what is causing it not to fill, you'd need to order the new fuse and you'd need to change the lid/latch switch assembly, or that fuse will keep blowing out.

Here's that fuse in the front of your washer behind the front panel you can order:
WP22001555 Fuse 250V/1A Comm Washer

Here's the lid switch assembly for your model you can order here:
12001514 Switch Assembly with Fuse

To access it:

First you'll need to remove power to the laundry center, and remove the washer front panel. Slide the washer out, from under the dryer, enough for the washer top panel to clear the dryer cabinet. In each top rear corner corner is a 3/4 " opening, you'll need to remove the 3/8 inch screw in each. in the front corners you'll find a 3/8 " screw , facing up, they hold the front of the top to the cabinet and will have to be removed(you may have to dismount the water level switch and relays to access the one on the left. Once you have the screws removed, you can raise the washer top. The switch assembly is mounted to the washer top panel by a clip inserted in the top and one(1) screw.