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FIXED Maytag Washer MLG2000AWW stalls at first drain/spin

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Dec 10, 2020
San Luis Obispo, CA
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UPDATE: This is a repost from a problem I thought I had fixed. Washer functioned perfectly after replacing the motor and motor control board, then a few days later it returned to its prior behavior described below.

I've been rehabbing a Maytag MLG2000AWW stacked washer and I have one remaining intermittent problem. The washer fills and tumbles at the start of the cycle just fine. Upon entering the first drain/spin cycle the machine will intermittently stall and shut off. The machine drains just fine if I manually move the timer, but it stalls at that cycle with the drain motor running. The main light goes off, door light stays on, and there is a buzzing noise. I can move the timer manually to trigger the drain, and it drains just fine.

Sometimes, if I unplug the machine and restart the wash it will progress just fine. All other cycles run just fine.

One last note if it means anything, the washer stalls at the exact same point in either the delicate, easy care and normal cycles, BUT the delicate cycle is the only one that will sometimes work OK.

Repairs to date:

1. New timer
2. New wax motor
3. New unbalanced switch
4. Checked main board - no blown circuits
5. Door lock spin enable switch just replaced
6. Just replaced motor and motor control board.

I've now sunk over $600.00 into the machine chasing this problem. Any thoughts? Is it possibly that the timer I replaced first was somehow defective - does that happen?
Here's your previous thread:
Where did you buy the motor/motor board kit from? Ricks link to it in post #2?

Look here:

Ok, then it's possibly defective, have them exchange it for another new one.

Washer functioned perfectly after replacing the motor and motor control board, then a few days later it returned to its prior behavior described below.
Because it makes no sense for it to work perfect after you replaced it, then stop working a few days later, you see what I mean?

UPDATE: I pulled the main board again and I discovered that there is a burn mark at the P7 wire connector. I didn't see this before. I have to assume that this is causing problems. Waiting for shipment of new board and will report on results.


Good find!

Here's the main control board for your model:
Main Control Board WP22004325

You get a $60 credit on your credit card when you return the old one.

Let us know how it goes after you replace it.

New main board installed and ran two wash loads on different cycles -- no issues! I suspect now that this was the problem all along. Lesson learned - when checking control boards, take them out completely, unplugged, and inspect front and back. When I first checked the board I could not see the burn marks because it was still plugged in and mounted to the bracket. On the upside, I replaced so many things trying to chase the problem that my 32-year-old Maytag has a slew of new parts and runs like new.
Excellent, glad to hear the new machine control board fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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