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Maytag Washer MVW6200KW1 stuck in wash mode after replacing the shifter motor


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Feb 21, 2023
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1-5 years
So I have been fighting my Maytag top load washer for a month and really need help. Its just under 2 years old, no extended warranty. Problems started with load screeching sound, I found the plastic shifter gears were grinded down. I replaced those and the shifter motor. The washer worked and I was able to run 3 loads like normal. The 4th load the machine got stuck in sense mode. After verifying everything was connected properly , I tried running it again but still the same problem.

Then after came the problem with the door latch staying locked. That finally cleared and the machine moved past sense mode to wash mode. IT would fill with water, spin and agitate, but the next mode of draining never happened. The tech manual says there should be Ohms at the J6 3 & 6 pinouts for the drain pump.

I had no Ohms so I replaced the main control board. With the new board I had all of the same symptoms again, again no Ohms on the board pinouts. Returned that board and got another one, same exact problems again, again no Ohms. Returned that board and tried a 4th board. Again same problems and no Ohms. I am so lost on what could cause all of this to happen. Please help!
I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Get into the diagnostics where it says: TO ENTER SERVICE MODE and see what error code pulls up.

Did you install the correct shift actuator? If so, where did you get it from?

Here's the shift actuator for your model: Actuator W11481722


  • tech-sheet-w11416398-revb.pdf
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So because the drain pump doesn't turn on and the tub is full of water I get the error code F9E1. I measured the drain pump terminals and have 19 Ohms, the drain pump wire harness has continuity on both wires.
The shift actuator I bought on Amazon, the part was a replacement for my model and is part #W10913953. I also replaced the plastic splutch assembly, it was grinding down thanks to the bad actuator motor.
Last night I was working on the washer and was taking a look at the door lock. It seems like it is working but I noticed I am not getting the correct Ohm readings like I should, according to this table. The readings I get are
  • J4-2 & J4-3 open
  • J4-1 & J4-2 74 Ohms
  • J4-2 & J4-1 open
  • Annotation 2023-02-23 100256.jpg
So last night I ordered from Amazon part # WPW11394572 replacement latch.
The shift actuator I bought on Amazon, the part was a replacement for my model and is part #W10913953.
That's not the correct shift actuator for your model, this one is: Actuator W11481722

The OEM lid lock assembly: Latch W11394572

As techs. we only order OEM parts from appliance part sites, here's a good example:
So, I purchased and installed the OEM shift actuator Actuator W11481722 as well as the OEM shift assembly. When I started the washer up the original grinding/screeching sound is gone. Now the washer runs in sense mode, the drain activates, and the washer moves to done.
So the motor isn't running for wash and spin cycles?

If the motor is not running for wash and spin cycles look in your tech. data sheet and it will tell you what to check and test when the motor does not run.
I ran the washer in the test mode, it fills with both Hot & Cold water, the drain pumps the water out, the motor runs the drum and the shift motor runs the agitator will spin, and it completes the test. So everything runs properly in test mode, but its when I try to run an actual wash cycle that that it doesn't move thru the process correctly. When I first turn it on , it starts in the sense mode , it sits there for a 1 minute or 2-the drain pump runs , and then it moves to DONE.
Yes, something odd is going on, you will probably need to have a Maytag tech. come out and see what's going on.

You can contact Maytag at 1-800-344-1274 and have a AUTHORIZED MAYTAG TECH come out,

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