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Maytag Washer MVWX655DW1 High-Speed Spin Issues


Jul 8, 2020
United States
Model Number
1-5 years
Want to quickly say that I have found this forum and its members to be very invaluable with everyone's wealth of knowledge so thank you for sharing all the info you have!

This washer has been quite the saga recently for us, we have owned it for about 4.5 years now and was bought from Sears brand new in the box. In the past the lid lock light would just randomly come on with the washer lid open (we always leave the lid open if not in use) but its always been fine after unplugging it for a couple minutes so no big deal there, or so we thought. However, recently we have had an issue where the washer ended up not spinning clothes out very well and they would be soaking wet and the washer would show as done. Entered diagnostic mode (thanks for sharing the diagnostic manual) and grabbed the codes. Most recent three (not in the order the washer listed them):

F0E5 - Off balance Load
F1E1 - Main Control Fault
F1E2 - Motor Control Fault

So based on the 2 F1 codes we decided to get a replacement main control board off eBay (not my first choice, but I only had so much say in the matter). They listed it as a W11116592 control board which seemed to be compatible with our washer based on what I had read on here and other parts replacement websites. However, upon getting it the part number listed on the sticker says W10803588 where as the one I pulled out of the washer says W10865068. So installed the new board anyways and ran the calibration and it spun up perfectly fine. However now when trying to do a normal wash it just goes and never stops running, it goes between rinse and spin over and over again and does not actually get into its high-speed spin even though the calibration showed it is able to perfectly fine with no weird noises. So is there any suggestions anyone may be able to give regarding this washer? It seems it's mechanically perfectly fine but perhaps the control board we got isn't communicating with the rest of the washer correctly? But then again, the calibration looked promising and the automatic test completed fine it appeared and there are no error codes in memory. We are kinda at our wits end with it as its been a lot of trouble recently but when it works we feel it works quite well.

Thanks again!
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi Joe,

I'm attaching the tech. data sheet below.

F1E1 - Main Control Fault--->See TEST #1: Main Control, page 12.
F1E2 - Motor Control Fault--->See TEST #3b: Drive System – Motor, page 14

Clear the current fault codes and do the AUTOMATIC TEST MODE on Page 4 again. Then recheck for any fault codes after you do the AUTOMATIC TEST MODE.


2. To clear fault codes:
--->Turn cycle selector knob until the status LEDs flash ON and OFF (see figure 2, page 2).
--->Press and hold the START button for 3 seconds to clear all fault codes and exit Fault Code Display Mode.

It sounds like the main control board, but buying appliance parts on ebay is like shooting in the dark, as techs we don't buy parts on ebay, we get OEM parts from our local appliance parts store or online at AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic

Here's the OEM main control board for your model:
Control Board W11116592



  • Tech Sheet - W10740624 - Rev B.pdf
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