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Maytag Washer SAV2555AWW Idle Pulley Lever


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Apr 17, 2017
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More than 10 years
Started taking apart this maytag to clean it up, and noticed a busted idle pulley lying on the ground! I'd like to replace the belt and pulley with something like the 959P3 kit, but I worry the same thing will happen again down the line.

The motor mount in my washer has no cutout to accommodate a lever with a stop tab, and I'm guessing my original idle pulley moved too far and exploded when it touched a mounting bolt for the motor.

I wanted to post and see if anyone has experience with this oddly specific situation, or advice on what parts to order. Right now I'm thinking about picking up that speedqueen kit and a motor mount bracket to match if anyone sells them anymore. Any advice is greatly appreciated
I've seen this happen on my service calls before. All you need is the new idler pulley and new belt. The belt in that 959P3 kit is not for your model.

Here's the belt for your model:
WP27001007 Drive Belt

Here's the idler pulley for your model:
WP40045001 Washer Idler Pulley Wheel

I don't know what you mean when you say: my washer has no cutout to accommodate a lever with a stop tab

The pulley just broke because the belt wore out, happens all the time to these older machines.

Watch this video:

I'm not understanding. The Idler pulley rides on the belt with that idler pulley bar and the tensioner spring, as long as the spring in place that bar can't go anywhere.

Seems like they would have a reason for putting a stop tab on some of the pulley levers that travels inside a slot on the motor bracket. I'm going to have it apart to replace the pulley and belt at some point, maybe adding the hardware for a stop tab would be an improvement
No, because how often does the belt wear out?

Every 10 years or so is normal. And its always best to change the idler pulley whenever you replace the belt as well.

Thanks Jake, I'll get that belt and pulley ordered. I'm hoping to slide the new pulley onto that lever arm and reuse any existing clips or washers etc. I haven't seen this particular arm/pulley being worked on, but it looks like there is a clip holding everything on


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