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FIXED MDB4409PAS2 Maytag dishwasher - bang and sparks from lower left corner under the door


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Jul 18, 2021
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6-10 years
Shortly after starting the cycle there was a bang and sparks at ground level at left corner below the door. the kick plate is not installed so area beneath the washer is open. Washer continued to run. I immediately switched power off and got down to look but didn’t see anything obvious. No scorch marks or smell. No signs of any water - intake was dry. I put power back on and and all normal lights came on. hit cancel and drain which ran ok. Power was then switched off.

looking under the only obvious electrical at that point is the water intake solenoid. Would that have enough voltage to cause sparks? I will pull it out to see if there is any obvious signs of a problem.

any thoughts on what it might be or what I should check? Thanks.
Yes, you have 120 volts AC that goes to the water inlet valve when its powered on to fill, a short will cause this bang and sparks issue.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model you can order: Water Inlet Valve W11175771

Watch this video to replace it:

Let us know how it goes.

Excellent Brian, glad to hear the new water inlet valve fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

Jake. I’ve another stupid question. When I took the control panel off the grey foam gasket fell off.
Does it attach with the long side open edge at top or bottom? I’ve looked at various diagrams but can’t see. I should have taken a picture first.

Thanks again for all your help


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I know you don't need the part, I'm just asking if that was the part.

It should just go around the inside of where the deflector shield attaches to the door liner.

I can't locate a video on it to show you.
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