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MDB4949SDH2 Maytag cycle program specifics


Jan 15, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello, great forum you have here!

I’m looking for the timing details for for Tue wash cycles on my Maytag MDB4949SDH2 dishwasher. I imagine the programs are similar across different Maytag models.

For example, I want to know something like:

NORMAL cycle
0:00:00 15 second drain
0:00:15 fill with water then pre wash
0:10:00 detergent door opens, washes
0:45:00 wash cycle drains
0:46:00 first rinse cycle fills

Now, I’m totally making those numbers up. I haven’t sat next to the machine for an entire cycle to try to listen and guess what it’s doing for each step of the cycle. It’s just an example.

I can’t seem to find this kind of info anywhere on the net. It’s not in the owner’s manual either. Any leads you might have?

Why do I care? We have limited water supply on our current well and it would help knowing I can start the clothes washer while the dishwasher is running because I could stagger usage if i I knew the dishwasher‘s current point in the program.

Dishwashers from the 80’s had a mechanical dial that would rotate through the cycle and tell you exactly where it was in the program cycle. Modern ones only show the estimated time remaining.

Thank you!
Hi Jacob,

Your tech data sheet will have that information in it. All machines come with a tech. data sheet, yours is located behind the lower front bottom access panel.:)

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