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MDB5100AWW Replaced water inlet valve, now dishwasher won't power on



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Hello, not much experience in repairs here. I replaced the water inlet valve on my dishwasher today with the help of a video on YouTube. Now my dishwasher will not power on at all. Prior to replacing the water inlet valve, it powered on just fine. The issue was that it would not fill with water. I will do my best to explain what I did, please forgive my lack of proper terminology. I unplugged the dishwasher from below. There is a female plug that runs to the dishwasher and a male plug that appears to run down into the floor to the basement ceiling where there are several wires all near the house circuit box. This is only an assumption because I can't visually trace the wiring if that makes sense. Then I detached the obvious parts from the old water inlet valve and put the new one in the same way I took it apart.. went to test it out and wallah no power to dishwasher. Any advice would be appreciated!!!!!


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You will need a multimeter to see if you get 120 volts to the dishwasher, on the black and white wires in the photos you posted.

Its best not to be using an extension cord to wire the dishwasher, you should be using hardwire. That's a extreme fire hazard you have there.

Ok then. It's 16 years old and my father installed it. Thank you.

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