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FIXED MDB6769AWB1 membrane/top control bad?


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Jul 1, 2016
Knoxville, TN
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6-10 years
My Maytag top control dishwasher is approx 9 years old. Still runs fine, but I suspect either the circuit board or membrane switch (on the top of the door) is on the fritz. Most of the buttons don't respond, and honestly haven't for a few years now. I've nursed it along.

I'm now to the point I turn it off at the breaker and turn the power back on to run it. If I leave the power off for only a minute or so, that doesn't seem to clear it.

When I turn the power back on, I can run and complete a normal cycle with dry heat and nothing else. No other options work. If I open the door and add an item, I have to start completely over because the Start/Resume button will only blink and no longer 'resumes.' At it's worse some times the lights for each cycle on the membrane panel light and blink on and off like a Christmas tree.

I saw a few Youtube videos where people have fixed Whirlpool dishwashers where the Molex ribbon leads between the control and circuit board go bad or are damaged by moisture. I can find no indication of that after taking it apart. NOTE: This is a Whirlpool design/made Maytag.

Because of all this I still suspect it's the membrane switch/top control, which is really part of the plastic top door assembly. I've had the door apart, so I'm not afraid to replace it.


Yes, the problem is your control panel keypad assembly. Seen this many times over the years on my service calls.

Here's the control panel keypad assembly for your model you can order:
WPW10254839 Panel-Cntl

Let us know how it goes after you replace it.:)

Appreciate your confirmation and being able to tap into your experience. Will circle back and let you know once I get the part!
Ok, sounds good.

Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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