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MDB8959SFZ4 Maytag dishwasher won’t complete cycle.


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Nov 2, 2022
Phila, Pennsylvania
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello. We recently started having an issue with our Maytag MDB8959SFZ4 dishwasher.
The unit is about 4 years old and has been working fine until recently.
The other night we had a minor power surge (lights flickered briefly, no clocks reset though) the next Day we tried to run the dishwasher but it appeared “dead” no leds, no readout on the lcd screen, nothing.
I thought it got fried from the power surge and started doing some research, I figured out how to test the control panel (disconnect control panel, restore power to machine, close door. If the drain pump runs, which it did, that indicates a bad control panel) I took out the control panel and noticed that the rubber gaskets around the buttons were deteriorated and there was some corrosion on the circuit board.
I ordered a new control panel and installed it. Everything looked good, I restored power to the machine and started a cycle, but it only ran for a couple minutes before stopping. However the timer continued to run as if the cycle was in progress but the machine wasn’t doing anything… I’ve tried running a diagnostic cycle and resetting the machine. I don’t know what to try next…
Any suggestions? Thanks!
Hi Mike, I'm attaching your data sheet below. On page 7 do--->Service Diagnostics with Error Codes

Let us know what error code you get.



  • Tech Sheet - W10867183 - Rev B.pdf
    1.8 MB · Views: 94
Ok, first do a hard reset by turning off the breaker for 5 minutes, then back on and see if that resolves it.

If that doesn't resolve it then run the SERVICE DIAGNOSTICS CYCLE, and let it run all the way through to reset it back to default.

Entry sequence: Press any 3 keys in the sequence 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 with no more than 1 second between key presses. NOTE: Some models have replaced the “Clean” LED with “Completed.”
The Service Diagnostics Cycle will start when the door is closed.

--->Invoking Service Diagnostics clears all status and last run information from memory and restores defaults. It also forces the next cycle to be a sensor calibration cycle.

LET IT RUN ALL THE WAY THROUGH: Service diagnostic cycle will take about 23 minutes.

I'd first inspect your control board to see if you notice any burnt spots on it, if so then that's the problem. A couple other members have found burnt spots on the control board, and they ordered a new control board and it fixed theirs.

Here's the control board for your model: W10906431
Jake, I had a repair service come today to look at it, they determined that is it the control board. I may try that next ( but I hate to keep spending money on it) I’m approaching the cost of a new machine away this point…
I’ll report back with any progress. Thanks for your help!
Ok Mike, yes let us know either way.

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