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MDBH979SAM0 Maytag dishwasher stopped mid-cycle, now no electrical response


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Jul 22, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
Read the internet as best as I could and even looked at the service manual (hieroglyphs) but have made no progress other than becoming more frustrated. When the unit died off I was asleep or away and don't know what else happened, but it was full of water and the soap had not yet dispensed. I used a wet vac to get the water out and that's essentially the only progress I've made :( . At this point it's my last effort to ask an expert before possibly just buying a new Bosch.

I believe the unit is 9 years old although it is a new house for me / about 6 months.

What I've done...
  1. Tried to test the handle and, I'm no electrician, but the multimeter did show up some resistance, like 3 ohms maybe
  2. Looked at the cable that is a known issue for being burnt. From the picture you can see some very faint burn but the ones I saw on youtube were very burnt and mine is nowhere near that. (not sure this rules it out of course)
  3. The service manual had something about testing the fuse (i think) on the circuit board at the w2 point and another point. It did measure in their recommended range, but this is all above my paygrade and after this I really didn't know what to make of the service manual.
  4. Used an electrical current finding device and the power is definitely running through the cable from the junction box to the dishwasher.
  5. Read that the thermal fuse is a common problem, but this unit does not seem to have a thermal fuse? So, no action taken here.
  6. Swore a lot
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Yes, I see a burnt component on your first photo of the control board, its the yellow coil component. You'd need a new control board and ribbon cable, which only comes with a new control panel, its not sold separately.

So with both parts needing to be replaced and the age of the dishwasher, it would be more wise to save the repair money and buy the new Bosch dishwasher.

Here's the control board for your model:
W10486463 Electronic Control Board

Here's the control panel for your model:
W10811169 Panel-Cntl
Ok first of all thank you very much for the prompt reply. I took another photo to try to get on the same page, the yellow component I dont see any char so I took a high res photo. It definitely had a little grime on it which was evident when I haphazardly wiped it with a "dry" finger -- so maybe it was that? Or perhaps Im not looking at the right part :oops:


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That black stuff, looks like melted plastic or something in the yellow coil.

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