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MDE5500AYW Maytag Neptune Dryer-lights are on but nothing


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Dec 1, 2014
United States
Model Number
Got home the other day and wife told Me that something was wrong with dryer. When I went to look at it all the lights would come on, on the display, but when hitting start nothing happens. Thinking back to the people at work that say " unplug it and restart" after I got nothing there I left it unplugged and said I would deal with it.
The other day I put some wet clothes in it and shut the door, plugged it back in hit start "OMG I fixed it". After that load of laundry, it was back to the lights all on but nothing. Tried to unplug it and start it again to no avail. After reading some forums I think that it is the control panel, could that be right? or is there another issue?- thanks in advance for any help

It sounds like possibly the console assembly may be bad.

Whats the serial# of your dryer? as they make 2 different consoles for this model.

Here's the repair manual for your model that shows you how to access it: www.applianceblog.com/manuals/16023110.pdf

Here's the console assembly for your model below if the first 2 numbers of your serial starts with 10-68.

Whirlpool 33002536 Led Console Assy

Here's the console assembly for your model below if your dryer serial# starts with 69 or higher.

Whirlpool 22004444 Led Console Assy

Ok, then order the 2nd console assembly I listed above.


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