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MDG5500AWW Maytag Dryer control panel unresponsive - I need some advice


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Jun 5, 2020
San Diego
Model Number
More than 10 years
I have an old Maytag Neptune MDG5500AWW gas dryer (2003) Serial number:62774313CG .

The dryer started to beep and the front of the panel was suddenly unresponsive after working flawlessly for 17 years. The lights were on however, nothing changed when I touched the buttons. There was no error code that I could see.

I first changed the door button with a new one because I had to do that years ago. Still nothing.

I opened the back and exposed the controller. I unplugged the green ribbon since I read another thread that this was a possible fix, then plugged it back in. It fired up but, still beeped. The front of the panel was again responsive however, I don't trust it.

I found someone in my community who was giving away the exact same dryer. MDG5500AWW Serial number: 42782131AN. Its a 2002 model.

I opened up the panel on the giveaway and it looks no different than the one I have.

I took photos and everything looks the same although some of the label numbers are different. I am a bit concerned it is not compatible. Although dusty, the giveaway appears to have all of the same features as mine. No buldging capacitors, no worn areas or burnt resistors Looks healthy, as does mine.

I took pictures of the panel labels and I am not sure what I a looking at. Some numbers are the same and some are different. Is this compatible?

Before I switch panels, could someone please look at this photo and tell me if these panels are compatible. The bottom photo is MY panel's label and the top is the giveaway.

Please tell me if I am able to simply switch these control boards around.

Thank you in advance.



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Hi Chris,

Both those dryers serial numbers start with 68 or lower, its the same exact membrane control panel touchpad assembly on both models and it will work on yours.

And it is still available new, but expensive.

Here's the membrane control panel touchpad assembly For Maytag serial numbers that start with 68 or lower):
33002536 Led Console Assy


I feel so fortunate to have had you answer my question. Before I switch out the membrane, I am going to see how long the dryer lasts having simply unplugged the green ribbon and plugging it back in after a squirt of canned air. We did laundry today and everything worked perfectly. I feel this dryer had gone above and beyond for the last 17 years however, I do not feel it is ready to give up just yet.

I'm hanging in there and now that I know you offer parts, that give me reason to believe it will last years to come and less waste in a landfill.

Thank you again,
Chris (Crystal)

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