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MED8200FC2 Intermittent Heat


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Dec 29, 2022
WA State
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1-5 years

I have a Maytag MED8200FC2 (grey) that occasionally won't dry clothes completely. It's hit or miss. I've checked the dial codes and the only one stored was insufficient flow (outlet). I checked the vent throughout (it isn't very long) and it is completely clear.

Many repair videos show checking the thermal cutoff thermostats via the lower kick panel. My dryer does not have this. I assume the entire front panel/door needs to come off? Are there any instructions or videos posted for these newer models?

Thank you!

Hi Jim, I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below, Page 24 tells you how to disassemble it. Make sure you unplug the dryer or turn the breaker off to it before you work on it.

Try a load on TIMED DRY and see if it dry's normal again.



  • TechSheet-W10806850-RevA.pdf
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Wow Jake, this is awesome, thank you!

We actually use timed dry for everything. We find it just dries clothes faster and more efficiently.

To be honest, this dryer, and its companion washer have really let us down. They were ranked #1 at the time by Consumer Reports so we thought we’d have them for the long run. Oh well…at least they are serviceable (until the repairs exceed the cost of new!).

Thanks again.
Glad to help.

What I do is--->If the vent is clear and clean, take the dryer temperature--->WITH NO CLOTHES in the dryer--->With the dryer on timed dry, high heat, the temperature at the dryer vent should be 160*F to 190*F. Watch the thermometer or multimeter display and note the temperature the element turns off and the temperature it turns back on through about 6-8 cycles. They should be fairly consistent.

My multimeter reads temperature, it comes with a probe you put in the dryer door. WITH NO CLOTHES in the dryer--->Just open the dryer door and insert the probe, then close the door and run the dryer and watch the meter. Don't put the probe to far in or it will be hitting the drum as it turns.
Okay, I’ll try that. I should have a thermocouple probe I can use with my meter. I’ll report back what I find.

Failing that, can I use a non-contact thermometer to measure the outlet of the dryer vent?
Yes, With the dryer pulled out from the wall(With no clothes in it) with the exhaust vent off, its best to get a Pocket Thermometer to check your dryer heat temperature's blowing out the back of the dryer. Normal cycling temperatures would be 120-190 degrees. You should see the temperature rise and drop through the entire cycle.
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