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    MODEL NUMBER--->This is very important! How to find the model number When starting a new thread fill out the model information section and include the appliance model number, manufacturer, and approximate age of the appliance. If your brand is not listed you can leave that field blank and just add the model number and age. Be sure to read the model number from the model tag on the appliance. The model tag on an appliance has the model number and serial number of the appliance. We don’t need the serial number but if you don’t see the serial number, that’s not the model tag.

    WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW---> Diagnosing an appliance problem will usually require some testing with a Digital MultiMeter (DMM). The DMM is a valuable tool to have. DMM’s today are very easy to use and are not expensive. Take the time to learn and understand how yours works. In most cases this takes less than 30 minutes.

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You go to the forum that your appliance is in, then you will see " Post Thread" at the TOP of that forum, and that's it.

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