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MER6755AAB Maytag Gemini Double Oven not working properly


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Apr 13, 2022
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6-10 years
I have a Maytag Gemini Double oven. The bottom oven wont heat past 100 degrees and the top oven wont go past 400 degrees. If you try to set the top oven past 400 degrees it jumps to 605. I did notice that when I press bake there is the letter A that displays on the screen but I am unsure if this is some kind of error code or not. Do I just need new elements or is there something else going on? Not sure how old the oven is as it was here when I bought the house last May. Not sure how to get the model number either.

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Hi, We need the model number first. I owned a Maytag Gemini Range too. The model number tag isn't inside the ovens.

Put your hand just behind the left side of your control console and there should be a metal model number plate that raises up.

I was not sure what you meant by control console. I imagine that is the board where you press bake, set the time, things like that. I was not able to find the plate you were referring to but I the previous homeowners were kind enough to keep all the manuals and I found the manual for the Range. It is a 750 Series. Does this help any?


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No, sorry those don't have it on there.

Here's the photo of it, I circled it in RED, you may need to pull the range out a little bit to get access to it.:)

It just pulls up from the back left side of the control panel to read the model number on it.


I feel like such an idiot. Thank you. I found the model number it is MER6755AAB
No worries.:)

It sounds like your clock oven control board is malfunctioning since your getting all these problems at once.

Here's the clock oven control board for your model:
Cntrl-Elec W10769079

You can first ohm test your lower bake element if you want.

To ohm test it, you'll need a multimeter to ohm test at your bottom bake element terminals in the back of your range. You'll need to pull the range out from the wall and take the back access panel off, unplug your range first before accessing and ohm testing it! Also remove the 2 wires first before ohm testing it.

Here's the lower oven bake element for your model:
Bake Element WP7406P428-60

Watch this video to ohm test it:

Let us know what you find.

I also have this same model and it’s been great all this time although I don’t use it much. The other day, the touch buttons weren’t working right so I looked up what to try and reset the breaker as it said. All the buttons started working again except the top timer. We did a bake cycle as suggested and then it seemed fine except the one timer. I called Sears to look at it because I primarily wanted to be sure it was safe and not going to catch the house on fire. When the repair person arrived, all of the buttons were working perfectly. I hadn’t tried it since the previous day. It heated up, the timers went off, etc. He said it’s the control board (as above) and they couldn’t get a part but I could look on the Internet. He said sometimes with this problem, the oven can turn itself on and then it won’t go off unless you hit the breaker. The day it does that is the day I will stop using it until it’s fixed. So here I am! :)

I see you do have the part and I’m fine with spending the $600 because my recently deceased mother bought this oven for me all those years ago and I don’t want to get rid of it if I can help it. I am wondering, though, what else expensive could go wrong with it in the near future and if you think that’s common. If it were a vehicle, I’d worry about the transmission and engine but I know nothing about oven parts! I’m not going to hold you to anything; I just wonder what you think. Thank you very much for any reply you have time to give. I appreciate it!
Yes, I'd say the clock oven control board is starting to fail on yours too.

There isn't much else that could go bad that is as expensive as that clock oven control board, the elements are basically all that can fail in the future, but those are not that expensive compared to the clock oven control board.



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