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MFI2568AE Freezing in the main compartment


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Sep 29, 2014
United States
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More than 10 years
I found some previous similar threads but they don't match what I've got going on.

MFI2568AEB Maytag French Door Fridge Serial 10056129JP

Over the years, I've replaced the main power board, and the touch pad overlay. I think I may have also replace the control board but I'm not sure right now.

A few days ago it stopped making ice and we noticed that some things were freezing in the fridge. I checked some items inside with an IR thermometer and read 27deg F. The setpoint on the front is 38 for the fridge and 0 for the freezer. I noticed that the compressor was running nearly continously. I tried unplugging it for 30min and then 1.5hrs hoping to reset it but it behaved the same way and wouldn't make ice. Next I unplugged it and opened the upper compartment doors and removed the icemaker. The reason it wasn't working is because the fill was frozen. I left the upper compartment open until the inside temp was about 45deg as measured with the IR gun and cleaned and thawed the icemaker. I put it all back together and it started making ice and I know the system cycled off at least once in the last 24hrs. Then today I check the internal temp with the IR gun again and it's back down to 27deg F and it's seeming to run continously.

I pulled the servie manual and started running through the tests. Everything seems to function and respond to the touchpad inputs. I hear the fans responding and the doors are changing position as expected. Here's what seems out of whack;

When I checked service test 141 it shows the upper compartment 50deg F
I used Service function 211 to adjust the offset to -5 deg to hopefully get the reading closer to the setpoint to let it know to shut off.
I changed Service function 203 to OFF in order to display actual temps. The display now shows 35deg with the setpoint still 38 but when I go back to 211, it still shows 50.
The fridge is still running continously but it's still making ice for now, I suspect it will stop when it all freezes up again.

Any ideas what might be the problem?
Is the upper thermistor probably bad or has the control board failed and stopped responding to the thermistor inputs?
Is there a way to test the thermister without cutting the wires at the thermister?
The manual says this could also mean the fridge is overloaded. How is this possible? All the shelves are fairly full but how much is too much?
I have not cleaned the condenser coils and it's been a while but since the freezer is working and clearly the fridge is cooling is cleaning that a necessary diagnostic step?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.
As an update to this in case someone else has this issue, through cleaning of the condenser coils and everything under the fridge seems to have alleviated the problem for now.

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