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MFX2570AEM4 Maytag Ice Maker not getting water


Dec 3, 2017
Windsor, Colorado
Model Number
• Water dispenser works fine with good pressure
• Replaced dual inlet valve
• Line from valve to ice maker is clear
• T and H test works fine but no water cycle at end

Based on my research, it sounds like I need to maybe look at wire harness. Any help anyone can give on this?
Hi T,

What I would do is get my multimeter and set it on AC volts, then remove the water inlet valve electrical connector, then put my meter probes in that connector, then cycle the ice maker, then watch your meter towards the end of the cycle, if no 120 volts, then your ice maker is the culprit.

Here's the ice maker for your model you can order(Video Included in part link):
Ice Maker Assembly W10882923


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