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MHW6000AG0 Maytag Maxima XL front loader stops mid cycle and resets to 59 minutes!


Jan 4, 2022
Ontario Canada
Model Number
6-10 years
My Maytag Frontloading Maxima XL steam washer frequently won't start up properly especially if we have it on delay. We'll hear it start and the timer will say 59 minutes for a normal load and then it will start and suddenly stop and revert back to the 59 minutes (which will be flashing). There is NO error code. This happens most often at the beginning of the wash but it will also occasionally do it part way through (and say there is 59 minutes) or at the end of the load and say 59 minutes.

So if we aren't keeping an eye, you really have no idea where it is in the wash cycle because the sensing seems to go on forever. (A common problem I have noted for this make). We have to restart stuff that may or may not have been washed! I can't seem to find anyone experiencing this problem. Any help would be appreciated. We are going to try to do a clearing/displaying of any saved error codes once we have time (I just found the diagnostic) but other than that, not sure what else to do!