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MHW8000AW0 Maytag Front Load Washer Leaking from Back During Cleaning Cycle Only


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Apr 25, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
Model #MHW8000AW0

I noticed similar threads about this topic, but none seemed applicable to this one. This washer is seven years old, and for seven years I have always used the AFRESH cleaning tablets for the cleaning cycle. Recently I'm getting enough water from the bottom backside of the washer during the cleaning cycle, that I have to use towels to stop it from leaking all over the place. The cycle finishes as expected and I can run all other modes for cleaning clothes, and get no leaking.

In order to determine exactly where the leak is coming from, I'm not sure what to do. Possibly remove the back panel, but I'm not sure it would be safe to operate?
I did find a similar issue here:
Is it foam like he mentioned in that thread?

No, no foam. I also saw that thread before posting. It's clear water at the bottom back. I'm thinking I will run it through a cleaning cycle with no Afresh tablet. Maybe I can take off the back panel to watch where the water might be coming from?
I'm thinking I will run it through a cleaning cycle with no Afresh tablet. Maybe I can take off the back panel to watch where the water might be coming from?
Yes Perfect, great idea, do both and let us know what you find.:)

I'll need to get some directions on doing that. Never had to do this before. I'm assuming it's sort of safe to run it with the back off? I believe the back is the only access I have on this model.
Yes, you can run it with the back off.

Just remove all the screws from the back access panel.

Hello again. I finally got around to finding the time to look into this. I took the back panel off and I see the leak now. It's leaking from what looks like a vent in the upper right hand corner. Attached is an image of the leak. I'm not sure what that is or how to go about fixing it. This leaks happens with about 40 minutes left in the cleaning cycle. Inside the machine I can see lots of soap suds. However, there is no soap dispenser in there nor is there any Afresh type cleaning. This cycle is just running the cleaning cycle without anything. In fact, the soap dispenser is completely removed. I guess this is some sort of clog or built up soap.


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Regarding my previous post. I removed the top panel and where that leak is coming from seems to be connected to a fan, the housing for the fan, and a tube which runs from that into the tub. I took it apart and removed the fan and cleaned it off really good. It was filled with hair. The tub itself looked ok and wasn't clogged. I took that off and gave it a good wipe through. Unfortunately after putting everything back, it still leaks at about 40 minutes left in the cycle. I can't tell if the fan is spinning because the foam is too much. I'll have to run it through another cycle and maybe watch closely. Appreciate any information on what might be wrong here and how to fix it.
WOW, you have way too much suds in the tub. Cut your detergent use in half and see how it does.


Is that fan supposed to turn on? I've been watching and I have not seen it spinning. I'm doing a regular wash now, but hot water. Once that is done I will run it through no clothes, no detergent, cold water only as per your suggestion. FYI, I only use HE detergent. Never used anything different.
The Fan only runs when Fresh Hold® option is ON.:)

While this option is ON, the fan blows and the load is tumbled periodically for up to 12 hours. The door remains locked during this time. To unlock the door, cancel the Fresh Hold® option by touching POWER/CANCEL.

If you will be unable to remove the load promptly, use the Fresh Hold® option. If the Fresh Hold® option is selected, the washer will automatically activate the fan and tumble the load periodically for up to 12 hours. To turn off the Fresh Hold® option, touch POWER/CANCEL. To set the washer so that the Fresh Hold® option does not come on for future cycles, touch Fresh Hold.
--->The door will remain locked while the Fresh Hold® option is active. To cancel the option and unlock the door, touch POWER/CANCEL.
--->A small amount of water may remain in the dispensers after the wash cycle is complete. This is normal.
--->This washer has a tight seal to avoid water leaks. To avoid odors, leave the door open to allow the washer to dry between uses.

Oh ok! Great information, thank you. It has a cold wash cycle which I ran once already. Just started another one. I might let it sit overnight to completely dry out and then in the morning try running a clean cycle to see if I still get that leak. I will keep you posted as soon as I do. Thank you so much for your replies.
Ok, sounds good, yes keep us posted.

Ok here is the latest. I ran through a total of three cold water wash cycles. Then I ran a cleaning cycle. Unfortunately the foam water leak still happens out of that vent.

What I observed by watching it is as follows. It starts at about 1 hour 5 minute total cycle. Ticking down to 40 minutes left, it seems to just heat up the tub with some hot steam. No water in the tub and the tub just cycles clockwise and counter clockwise a few times. At the 40 minute mark, it will now bring in water and start a high speed spin. Only during the high speed spin does the foam water start leaking. Now it will tick down and with about 30 minutes left it will start another high speed spin cycle. The foam water will start leaking again. Now the water will drain out and some more cycles will go by without any leaking. Some more water is brought into the tub, and another high speed cycle starts at around 10 minutes, and this time NO foam water will leak. After that the water is drained and the cleaning cycle will complete in a few more minutes.

I can't say much about the suds in the tub because as the water is spun at a high speed, obviously it looks like suds. That could be just from all the spinning.
Ok, I don't know what else to suggest.

Hopefully another tech. or member that's had this same thing happen can shed some light on the FIX.

Was there a resolution? Mine does the same thing—identical times only on the cleaning cycle.. out the fan not vent. Please help.
Was there a resolution? Mine does the same thing—identical times only on the cleaning cycle.. out the fan not vent. Please help.
Nope. I just don't use the cleaning cycle and clean it with baking soda and vinegar from time to time.

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