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Midea brand & General Questions


Aug 14, 2020
USA- Florida
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Hello - I live in Florida and am researching window a/c units for my home. I am considering Midea brand units (varying sizes.). Does anyone have Midea units and/ or can give feedback on them? Two of the units will be in bedrooms with north facing windows, and two will be in south facing windows. There is absolutely no shade for any of the windows; is there an inexpensive way to provide both shade and decorative covering for these units, and will shading help the units to run more efficiently? ( I do understand I cannot block airflow.).
More questions: 1) What type of company ( electrical/ HVAC) can install window AC units, clean, and repair them?; 2) Does a unit need to be removed from window to clean it?; 3) Do all window a/c’s need shelf brackets to sit on?; 4) Will 4-5 units cool off hallway/ bathrooms (house is just under 1,100 square feet)?; 5) My front room is open to kitchen area (L-shaped), and am wondering if I can purchase a larger unit for whole area?; 6) I’m not impressed with accordion-style window coverings from a security standpoint. Is there anything I can do to make these areas/ windows more secure? I do plan to leave units in place year round, and will cover them in cold weather. Thank you so much for your help!