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Miele Advanta G2020 SCU - leak - need parts diagrams and Canada source for parts


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Feb 28, 2010
Model Number
G2020 SCU
6-10 years
Miele G2020 SCU
M. No. 6791020
Type HG03
Number 4 0/78998895

Miele Advanta G 2020 SCU triggered constant drain in between uses while no one was home. Found the tray/pan full of water.

Plan to remove from counter, tip over, remove tray, inspect, stand upright on wood blocks, reconnect supplies and run to find leak. Since the pan float triggered in between uses my first inspection will be the water supply lines and the water control valve since it might be leaking at all times not just when running.

From my cleaning and inspection inside the unit, I know I also need a check valve body - it's a newer design that snaps in and it leaks at the seal (sprays streams of water inside the wash tub when the drain pump runs) and there's a crack at the opposite end.

I have been unable to find good online parts diagrams, nor an online source of parts in Canada. I could really use the diagrams and reference, even if I don't find a Canadian source of parts. I don't even know the proper names or part numbers for what I'm going to find :(

Any help with that would be appreciated.