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Miele G2430SCU Intake/Drain light flashing - won't start


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Dec 8, 2005
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6-10 years
I have a Miele G2430SCU dishwasher which has been a real pro but today it refused to start and will attempt to fill but only flash the intake/drain light 5 times - pause on solid and then repeat the fill process. I dumped some water inside and reset the error code (held power button for 4 seconds) and tried to start and it drained the water but then right back to flashing and refusing to fill/start. I took the waterproof system (WPS) apart and cleaned out the filter - still no starting. I may be at the end of the road and looking at calling a service tech but I wanted to see if anyone here had another tip to try. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
I first saw Miele appliances at an appliance trade show in 2008. Even though Miele is as popular in Europe as Whirlpool is here, they haven't quite caught on yet. Unfortunately unless you're an authorized servicer you can't get any service information on their appliances yet. Eventually that will change as they get more popular but for now we got nothing. Somewhere on that machine is the tech sheet, probably in an envelope taped to the bottom of the tub. It should tell you how to get into test mode.


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Feb 10, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Hello! Did you ever find out what was causing this?
I'm not familiar with this particular model but believe it's in the same era as our G892 Touchtronic model -- about 15 years old. If these era Miele's sit, unused, for long periods of time, the pump impeller gets stuck due to minerals in the residual water in the bottom of the machine (maybe about 1/2 gallon worth). Miele will send you a fork like tool that can be easily used to unstick the impeller. We did a remodel to our home in 2007 and ours sat for 6 months without use. It threw the intake fault code (the only code it can throw) and I contacted Miele and they sent me that tool above. In under 5 minutes I was able to unstick it.

I would also suggest that occasionally to run some cheap white vinegar through the machine to work on mineral deposits that occur beneath the surface of what you see. I believe this will help with these sorts of issues as there is no perfect water for a dishwasher. I usually let the machine drain its water and as soon as it starts filling, I open the door and add a gallon of vinegar. You can let the machine run a cycle or just close the door and power the machine off and let it sit overnight. If there are drawbacks to this I'm unaware of them. It's probably something I would do every year or three. Not very often. YMMV!