• ** REMEMBER! **The microwave can still shock you even unplugged!!

    ALWAYS discharge the high-voltage capacitor first if you even think your hands will come close to any HIGH VOLTAGE components.

    Jeff mentions this: Anything in the high voltage ( magnetron, capacitor, diode, wires to and from ):
    ...Use a metal ( not the shiny chrome type ) screw driver with a insulated handle to short across ( touch both at the same time ) the terminals of the high voltage capacitor to discharge it.

    From Jeff's site: http://www.applianceaid.com/component-testing.php

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MMV5208WB1 Having issues with my microwave

Apr 4, 2018
Model Number
1-5 years
Can anyone tell me what could be the problem with my microwave oven? On Easter Sunday I was heating up coffee and it just quit. The keypad was still operational but would not run. Did a little research and started with the replacement of the 20 amp fuse.

Nothing changed after replacing the fuse so searched a little further and found that the 2 upper door switches were bad so I went ahead and replaced both the upper and lower figuring that if one was bad the others would follow suit.

That went kinda well I guess but on the upper switch two of the 3 wires were on the wrong prongs and when we went and tried to see if it worked the keypad was working and everything looked great until we shut the door and everything went dead again.

So back to square one again and replaced the fuse again thinking we blew the fuse with the wires being in the wrong spot but that wasn’t the problem. So what could of happened and were do I go from here?


Appliance Tech - Moderator
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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
...everything looked great until we shut the door and everything went dead again.
That sounds like the monitor switch (door switch) is not opening with the door closed. Check the door switches continuity by opening and closing the door. It might not be the switch is bad but the switch holder or actuator might be. Do you have a copy of your wiring diagram and can you post it here?

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Maytag Microwave MMV5208WB1 / Repair Parts